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Default Connected to Wifi - inability to use internet.

Howdy all,

I returned my SGS2 today and got a new one (as the stupid shop sold me a second hand one, as new, the first time).

With my old one, I couldn't connect to my home wifi, so i changed the IP settings to:
IP Address:
DNS 1:
DNS 2:
Static IP.

And that worked a marvelous treat .

Today, I got my new SGS2.
The wifi @ Uni worked.

But, then, I came home, and I cannot for the life of me get onto my home Wifi, using those same connection settings.

I've reset the router and modem.
I've turned my phone off and on flight mode.
ive changed the wifi sleep policies
i've reconnected sooo many times
ive turned my phone off and on
i've used different static IPs
i've tried different websites.
i've tried disabling packet data
i've read a million googlepages telling me to do those things or change router settings.
i've tried dns2
i've tried a few wifi fixer programs.
i can't access the internet via IP addresses

The wifi network at home is working for other devices.... But, all I get with my SGS2 is connected with strong signal... but an inability to access any webpages / anything that uses data.

It is hard for me to believe that it could be a router setting, since i used the exact same network figures, with the same type of phone from the same store just 3 nights ago, and it worked perfectly fine.

what on earth more can i try? I've got no idea how to play around with router settings.. *AND* that shouldn't be the problem!

Using stock firmware, and everything. I just got my phone today.

I've ran into about 30 different forum posts (inc. on this forum) with the same problem.... and most of the above fixes seem to generally work... just not for me.
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Default Re: Connected to Wifi - inability to use internet.

Do you mind giving your SGS2 a factory reset? Then try connecting your SGS2 to you home WiFi during the initial setup.

Don't forget to backup all your data first.
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