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Hi. Don't hold back...ask some questions! No seriously, smartphones are not designed to be turned off. Leave it on all the time, turn off the sound in the night and plug it in the charger before going to bed. As a matter of fact, if you are using a GPS app like Google navigate, plug it into a charger at the same time. The batteries are Li-Ion. They like to be charged a lot, not depleted and then charged like old style phones.

Gmail is a push email app. When an email comes in, if your data is on, the email will be pushed to your phone. Sync just makes sure that your mail is in sync with your other computers. Don't bother turning off data, what's the point. Your battery can handle muliple charges and after a few days you will get to know it's habits. It can be charged from any USB connection. They sell $10 DC thingies that plug into your car, keep an extra cable with you laptop etc.
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