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Default Re: Problems Since Upgrading to ICS

flipflop104, I do agree with you with the issues you raised about ICS.
I've recently upgraded it to ICS as well and the battery life just drained itself completely within a day. When I was using Gingerbread, it could last me more than a day.
Now I have to recharge every 8 hours ensuring that I don't run out of battery.

Hope that some patches will be released soon about this because I do not think anyone would want to upgrade to ICS once they know about th is fundamental issue.
At first I thought it was just me being too picky about it.

Originally Posted by flipflop104
I'm a UK user on the o2 network and my phone isn't/wasn't rooted (although I'd like to have a go sometime) and am pretty new to smartphones/android (this is my first one and I got it back in September)

Since installing ICS from kies my phone is dead slow to respond (eg. when I try to open messages it hangs for a few seconds before I can see the convos) - never had that problem with gingerbread - was always instant opening without any hanging/lag at all.

It also seems to eat the battery like mad and then takes ages to recharge - battery used to last a good day and half and now I'm lucky if it lasts 24hours. And then where it used to take 2 or so hours to do a full recharge, now it takes about 5 or 6 hours.

And there always seems to be loads of apps in the background running and if I open task manager and "clear memory" (20 odd apps are closed!!) and then immediately go to the home screen and then imediately back into task manager there are more apps open despite me doing nothing apart from navigating to the home screen and then back to task manager.

And the other main thing I've noticed (and the most frustrating and annoying) is that when I access facebook (I don't use the facebook app for Android - never have and don't want to - just use the web browser on the phone), when I scroll up on down it's really jumpy, not smooth like it used to be, and once I get a bit down the page it just stops and hangs and that's it no amount of swiping my finger up or down or across to screen does anything at all. ARGHHHH And I have to clear memory and start again but then it just hangs again at the same point.

Other than that I do like ICS BUT these things are such niggles for me that I really would prefer to go back to Gingerbread - is this possible and if so, how?

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