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I based my experience comparing both ROMs that I have. Before was Gingerbread and now ICS. Of course I compared with both ROMs with a similar daily usage.
A normal day, I don't use my phone much. When I am in the office I just receive calls, out of the office - usually just read the news, check emails and Whatsapp.

With Gingerbread I didn't charge my phone as frequent but now with ICS I have to after 8 hours. Normally I start with a fully charged phone at 7am - but by 5pm it will be about 30%.

Of course I am not using the custom version of ICS but the one I got updated using Samsung Kies.

I can't remember which post was it now but someone was recommending to use Juice Defender. I installed it yesterday when I was just looking up on similar post for other ICS users with the same problem. TBH, it does help.
My battery usage is now at 77% (1.30pm now) and I charged it full at midnight yesterday.

For anyone who is experiencing the same, I would recommend installing Juice Defender.

Originally Posted by JayJ
How do people get more than a day of battery life out of their phone, turn it off?

Okay so I'm a heavy user, whether I'm on GB or ICS is irrelevant because I use custom ROM's and kernels but I charge my GS2 two, maybe three times a day.
I come on here and other forums several times a day via Tapatalk, I use the browser, sync on my Gmail, Google Currents, Twitter, WhatsApp, poll two email accounts every 30 minutes and have Wi-Fi on most of the day. This isn't to mention calls, text messages and games like Deadspace, Assassins Creed, NOVA 2, Asphalt 6, GTA3 etc etc. Like I said, a heavy user but if your phone lasts more then a day surely your not using it much?

I am using a custom ICS ROM and a custom kernel but even when I was using stock Sammy ICS LPQ I didn't notice a huge deterioration in my battery life.

Just my opinion and experience.

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