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Sweet Screen
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Default a few questions after upgrading to 2.2

I recently upgraded to 2.2 and have experienced a few things with my phone that I am not sure about and don't really know how to fix.

Before upgrading I had put a couple of digital copies of movies on my phone and they worked amazing. These digital copies were from DVD's which I bought that had digital copies that you could download to your mobile device. (I wanted to see how great the screen looked ) Well since upgrading I can not get the movies back onto my phone. It keeps putting them on but when I open the video player to watch them they are not playable. Any ideas on how I can fix this problem?

Another thing I noticed is that my phones seems to be lagging a bit more after the upgrade. The worst area I see the lag with is using sms. It takes quite a bit of time to refresh and open up the application and also takes much longer when I hit the send button.
Is there any way to fix the lagging without rooting the phone? I don't want to go that root as I don't feel experienced enough to try things which will void my warranty. Now I say this because the other night my phone froze on me. I think I was playing angry birds and the screen went blank and both keys lit up and I couldn't do anything. I pulled the battery out and it started up again after with no problems but I am worried after hearing some of the other stories of phones crashing.

I still like this phone and am learning as much as I can but there is an awful lot to learn.

I remember reading it somewhere before but is there an app for setting the ringer and notification volume etc. I can turn the phone to silent by pressing the on/off button but the notifications don't turn to vibrate like the ringer. Anyway to program all the notifications/ringer volume/ system volume etc. to change to vibrate? I can go in the settings and then volume and adjust each but was curious if there is a better way.

Thanks for all the help.
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Default Re: a few questions after upgrading to 2.2

After updating, its suggested that you do a factory reset (check the how-to section). This normally improves response time. If it's still slow afterwards, you could try an app or ram manager from android market. Last resort would be to root your phone and install a lagfix app (try search).

As for videos, you could try other video players or check if your divx is registered: settings>phone info>legal. Just follow the steps.

The volume/vibrate function settings are in your settings>sound.
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Sweet Screen
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Default Re: a few questions after upgrading to 2.2


Thanks for the information. I did do a full factroy reset after upgrading. I was following all the suggestions from this site. It seems there are a lot of people here that really know what they are doing. I'm trying to learn from all of your expertise.

I looked at the phone and the ram manager as with 2.2 you can actually see some more of the things running in the background but I'm always hesitant to stop some processes as I'm not sure what they do. I have not really looked into an app manager from the market, maybe that will be my next step.

As for the video's and the divx, do you need to set that up to run regular ***.wmv? I see what you are saying in the settings about the legal stuff and setting up divx, I will have to try that and see how to get that set up.

About the volume function. I see that set up in the settings but it does not work the same as when I had it in 2.1. You used to be able to press the on/off button and select silent mode or something like that and it would turn everything to vibrate. Now when I do that it only changes the phone ringer to vibrate but the other notifications of sms or e-mail notifications etc, still will ring out loud. I thought I read another thread about an app which could control these better but I can't find it for the life of me. I'm not very good with the search function here.

I actually have a new thing which is happening frequently right now that I can not figure out either. Using the social hub, my e-mail accounts keep notifying me that i have to relogin. It happens very often and I log back in and then it kicks me out again. Anyone else have this problem?
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