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The game is a continuation and development of the idea of the well known game "The branch."

The playing field is a puzzle consisting of small elements - squares.
On each square done drawing. Turn squares so as to form a pattern of forming a "tree" with branches coming out of the central element.
It must be done in less time and the minimum number of moves.
Records stored in the database of players that can compete for a place in the Top 99.

Each level has only one solution. Levels are randomly generated, so almost every game is unique with no repeating attern puzzle.
Difficulty is determined by the dimension of the playing field.

The player can choose three modes of play: "2D Simple", "2D Hard" and 3D.

In hard mode the player must decide not a simple task: to collect puzzle square whose edges wrap around.
Squares on the right edge connect to those on the left edge, and vice versa.
Similarly for the top and bottom edges.
The game gets exciting. Need to make significant efforts to build the levels of even small dimensions.
Assembling the puzzle "by chance" in hard mode is almost impossible.
The player who assembled puzzles even small dimensions in this mode can truly be proud of.
Those of them, records of which are on the top lines of the Top 99,
may consider themselves "masters" because they are really cool.

The real gem of this game is a 3D mode.

Picture puzzle in 3D mode begins in "golden" square and covers all sides of a cube.
Here, players will need spatial thinking to assemble the puzzle.
Even cubes of small dimensions can actually "break" your brain, so the 3D mode is a real gift for the true lovers of puzzles.
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