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Default How to roll back to Gingerbread for GT-I9100...

Personally I love Ice Cream Sandwich, my Nexus 7 is obviously on JellyBean and I love that too but I have read many people who for whatever reason don't like or can't get on with ICS. That's fair enough, each to there own and the great thing about Android and the Galaxy S2 is it's totally possible to rollback to Gingerbread if you don't like/want ICS.

[b]This guide is for the Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100.[b]

Now I'm writing this at work so this will be a basic "How to" for now, I many update it at a later date but for now here it is.

If you want to roll back to Gingerbread then first I would suggest using some back up tools from the Google Play store, search the store because there are many available.

My Backup is good place to start, a free 30 day trial makes it a no brainer.

Now you need to download Odin from here, Odin is the tool used to Flash many devices including the Galaxy S2.
Place it on your PC somewhere you will remember, I have a folder Called Android and then another in that named Odin. Unzip the downloaded file.

Now we need a version of Gingerbread for your specific device, there are different versions of Samsung ROM's based on build version, region, branding etc.

Have a look here for GT-I9100 firmwares.

It would beneficial if you knew what version your device was on before the update but if not you can flash a generic version with your required region, for a generic UK device download and flash XWKI4 XEU.

You also need to be aware of branded firmware if your device is a contract device then chances are it will be branded and a specific version or build, branded firmware can be found here.

The firmware download will be a tarball (.tar/.tar.md5) usually the .tar is a complete package be some are split into separate tarballs as below.

PDA refers to the build version of the firmware.

Phone refers to the baseband/modem (radio).

CSC is the consumer software customization and is specific to your region and carrier/service provider. The CSC contains carrier branding and APN (Access Point Names) settings for data connect ion and MMS.

If the tarball contains these seperatley they need to be put in specific locations in Odin, we'll cover that later. *

Once you have backed up your device, downloaded Odin and the firmware tarball you can begin rolling your Galaxy S2 back to Gingerbread.

Please be aware that using this method will result in the binary flash counter of your SGS2 showing that the phone has been flashed, and this could cause your warranty to be void and any repairs carried out by a Samsung service centre to be at your cost.
This can on some ROM's with older bootloader be expunged with a USB jig available on ebay for a few pounds, alternatively you can also flash the phone with Mobile Odin available from Google Play for a small charge and this will not increase the binary flash counter but the device will need to be rooted first in order to use Mobile Odin but once flashed correctly root is removed.

Flashing with Odin

When using Odin be sure Samsung Kies is not running on your PC, they do not get on.

1. Reboot your S2 into download mode.

Hold the Home button + Volume down + Power button until you reach download mode. You will be prompted to either press volume up to continue or volume down to exit download mode.

2. Start Odin

3. If using a complete packaged .tar/.tar.md5 you need to click the PDA button in the Odin window, now browse your PC for the firmware you downloaded earlier and select it.

*If the downloaded firmware package has more than one .tar ie PDA, Phone/Modem and CSC you will need to place these in the corresponding parts of Odin. Click the button for PDA, browse to the PDA.tar location and select. Now do the same for the Phone/Modem and CSC .tar packages.


4. Now with your S2 in download mode, connect your USB cable from phone to PC and wait for the ID:COM box to turn yellow.

5. Click start.

6. Do not disconnect or turn off your S2, the phone will reboot when flashing has been completed.

If you follow this guide your device will not be wiped but as you are rolling back to Gingerbread I would recommend doing so. Wait for the phone to reboot, you can check the flash has been successful but then turn the phone off and boot into factory recovery.

Hold the Home button + Volume up + Power until you see the factory recovery menu, select factory data reset using the volume up and down to move the highlighter and the power button to confirm. Now select reboot.

If you have followed the steps correctly you should now have a Galaxy S2 running Android 2.3.x and you can now enjoy your phone again.


I take no responsibility for any damage incurred during this procedure, I have done this myself and it works.

EDIT- Odin link changed to Dropbox.

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Default Re: Re: How to roll back to Gingerbread...


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