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Default Re: Re: Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade problems?

What if that all does not help?
I am having the same problem with fast battery drain. Started to happen suddenly about 3 weeks after ICS upgrade. Battery is flat within 7 hours and does not charge to 100% anymore. And voice command keeps starting up all the time and I cannot stop it. I even had to remove the app.

I tried factory data reset twice which didn't change anything. Battery is still crap. I love my phone but I hate ICS.
Any idea what else I could try to get my battery life back to normal again? Thanks

Originally Posted by JayJ
Okay so Samsung didn't inform people properly, when updating to ICS a "Factory data reset" is highly recommended.
As mentioned by CNJ above, apps and data from Gingerbread can have adverse effects on ICS so I recommend this as the first point of call for all users experiencing issues with the update.
You will lose any unsynced user data like contacts, calendar events unless synced with Google and you will loose apps and their data like games etc.
There are applications available to back up your device like My back up and if your rooted Titanium Back Up, only the latter will be able to back up app data like Angry Birds etc.
For non rooted devices I'd recommend installing two really usefull apps:

SMS Backup & Restore by Ritesh Sahu - SMS back up and restore application, with the addon you can schedule back ups and sync with Dropbox.

App List Backup by Pun Software - with this you can easily remember what apps you had installed in your device before the reset. Open the app before the reset and select Back up, the so generates a list which it access to your SD card. Once the device is reset, instal App List Backup from the Play store and launch for that list to reinstall your apps. Tapping each app in the list will send you to the market.

The are other applications on Google Play, just search.

There are newer versions of Samsung ICS being released to iron out some of the bugs so if you haven't already, try an OTA update search or KIES to see if your device has an updated firmware release.

If you wanted you could update yourself to a Generic Samsung ICS if your region or carrier/provider hasn't provided a recent update.

As for going back to Gingerbread, it is totally possible although as with the above if not researched/done properly it could damage your device.

Any questions, please ask?

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